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TradesPeople™ is a skilled trades staffing firm with nationwide operational capacity. We Currently service the following industries:


Industrial Construction, Commercial Construction, Residential Construction, Heavy Civil Construction, Highway & Road Construction, Maritime Construction, Shipyards, Utilities Installation & Construction, Power Distribution, Renewable Energy, Manufacturing & Production, Warehousing & Logistics.

How is TradesPeople™ different than all existing skilled trades staffing firms that currently oversaturate the staffing and recruiting industry?


When TradesPeople™ was founded, it was decided that one requirement would have no waiver. All account managers are required to have time in the field to be offered employment at TradesPeople™. There are several experiential backgrounds that can satisfy this requirement. Previous experience in a skilled trade on the tools, as an equipment operator, as a foreman, superintendent, project manager, etc. This requirement is not construction specific. It applies to all industries we service.


How does this requirement affect our clients?


If you have ever utilized a staffing firm in the past you can likely relate to the following struggle. Prior to entering the staffing industry, I was a project manager for a large construction company. When I would call my designated account manager at our “corporate office approved” staffing firm to request ironworkers, welders, or crane operators, it was a challenge trying to explain our NCCER, OSHA, NCCCO, AWS, and other site-specific certification requirements. They had no knowledge of spuds or any other tool function for that matter. This just made the process frustrating and created more delays. I felt like working with this staffing firm just added more burden to my plate. Now I was tasked with training my designated account manager on our needs and hope they understood well enough to send me properly qualified candidates. This was not part of my job description as a project manager. My attention deviated at times from my daily duties and there were negative productivity consequences directly related to this, however so slight. Just imagine trying to explain what red devils, Kleins, and different MC sizes are to a group of office staff with no field experience that were assigned to staff and recruit for your electrical project. With TradesPeople™, you will not have this struggle.


With TradesPeople™, you can rest assured that your account manager will be able to relate to your specific needs. Working with an account manager that has prior experience in the field, makes an invaluable difference when assessing the quality of service we are prepared to deliver. It just makes more sense.


How does this affect our candidates and current skilled trades employees?


TradesPeople™ provides a superior candidate matching protocol when compared to the current market standard. This means candidates and current skilled trades employees will be assigned to a prospective career opportunity that best fits their individual skill sets, professional skill sets, current and future goals, desired culture, and personality. This provides much greater success in long term career match rates, retention, and longevity. When working with TradesPeople™, you are more likely to be placed in a prospective career opportunity that will manifest into a successful long term career.




TradesPeople™ does not just send out any candidate or existing skilled trades employee to any opening hoping that they will work out. Many staffing and recruiting firms simply send anyone out to fill an open position and keep their fingers crossed they will work out to maximize profits. This is not the TradesPeople™ mindset, nor does this promote development of long term business relationships with our clients, candidates, and current skilled trades employees.



We take pride in delivering unmatched quality and service. Our Account Managers and Recruiters are required to have time in the field.